Wednesday, September 25, 2013

colors of thought

I am watching an anime  called COLORFUL- and Im getting depressed watching it.  It has varying themes of prostitution, infidelity, family strife, sexual bullying, pornography, and even suicide.  I am generally a positive guy, and when I create art I try to stay in a positive vein.  I've noted that the topic of my art directly affects me. So I give much credit to the Japanese directors. I would like to tell various types of stories but find out I can't due to how they would affect me.  The same has to be stated for actors who play various character roles and make them believable.  I can understand why some people get depressed and take medications who are employed in that field- So i give the highest respect to the story tellers who are not afraid to breach all types of subject matters, even those painful to tell... This will be my next step forward to breach.

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Michael Marcus said...

When you create a story, and the characters come that alive in your mind, you understand why you need to give each character the "beats" necessary to tell their own story--each gets its status quo, call, its rising action and conflics, climax, and denoument. If you want that character's story to get better, tell it. It doesn't even have to happen at the same pace or position as that of the main character(s). As long as you tell each story, you can find some redemption or resolution for each.