Thursday, February 11, 2016

A renewed call to arms for comics production.

Okay, I have been sitting on the backfield for too long looking for my niche in the Matrix-like entertainment field. Bouncing from this idea to the next without any forward movement.  I have the will, but not the spirit of the game and the persistence to stick to a plan and just get the jobs done and move on.  I did not see clearly how to make comics more viable and comic development projects doable. What is the purpose of the comic book, what is the need for a Cartoon, what is this Movie for, are computer games just  a fairytale wind in my thoughts. I figured, even the big boys are having a hard time making the comic-thing work for them.... 
Well I did say that until the last couple of years.  Now every big studio project is either super hero related or has its initial development in comic books.  I want to use this fever pitch for a new call to arms for ALL COMICS ALL THE TIME. Or even more baseline since the Star Wars event, Star Wars, a Force Awakens.... CREATIVE STORY ALL THE TIME!!!.
The first question, what is your inspiration and why bother. Okay, I just finished watching the new episodes of Young Justice a series canceled from cartoon network. It was shown on Netflix- don’t know if it will continue after 46 episodes but I realized it purpose as a link from the thousands of stories that play out in the comics to the very few that will ever play on the big screen... They keep the audience rabidly waiting for the next block buster movie or video game in play; and if managed correctly, open the market for  more toy and merchandizing sales, and potential curiosity for the original source material comics.  I have seen this time and time again- from Star Wars Movie prequels linked to Star wars Clone wars 2d cartoons. To story fillers and more stories in Star wars Clone wars 3d cartoons series. These kept me in play  for the new start of the post- sequels ( ie starting with the  Force Awakens.)  And I won’t forget the about developing the back stories of the Justice League.

This all seems cool, but how is this a call to arms. The answer is sort of redundant- more story is just more story and more enjoyment that should build on itself. Movies try to go for the one hit wonder right out of the gate- they are heavily influence on the smart execution of hopefully a flawless story.  Novels are a building ground for story usually set upon by  a singular writer.  Comics is the long road to continual story  creations in initial visual form, a poor mans novel to pictures- they don’t need to be fully developed to stand as product.  Animation series are the links between continuous story creation and flawless story-development.  Movies are funny to themselves- some cases, as long as the visuals are world class, some story flaws are over-looked. But if you are looking for a movie to stand the test of time story and character development really needs to be considered at a higher level that special effects.
I believe that comics hold the key to a virtually endless flow of story and character creation. Animation holds the key to story and character development in a film-based format. And movies  hold the value of making the imagery on a massive scale- with  sound FX, music scores, and visual FX. I don’t want to leave out video games which seem to run the gambit of story and character creation, cinematic effects , and stunning game play. 

But all visual medias seem to start with the underrated comic book or at least could start there. But I believe that view can be expanded and this is where I am making a call to Arms for myself to find those avenues of expression  and development that link to those areas mentioned above. Comics, Cartoons,Movies, Video games and other user influenced story platforms... Viable stories don’t have to be of superhero drama, they can be a vast as our minds can take us... Please note the Asian market should be part of inspiration as well...

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